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CP 4: Regional scale and support to sustainable policy development.
Leader: Pierre Gerber (FAO)

Background and Aims

GHG emissions from the livestock sector are a negative externality of production and processing activities. In turn, the vulnerability of livestock producers to climate change generally relates to poor access to information and resources. These issues can be addressed by policy instruments, including regulatory, market-based and information approaches, to unlock the sector’s adaptation and mitigation potentials. There is however little knowledge to support policy making in these areas, especially at the regional level.

CP4, taking information from Components 1, 2 and 3, will develop regional and global frameworks for the formulation and analysis of internal and external policy options, addressing both mitigation and adaptation issues.

Component 4 is organized into 3 interlinked Workpackages
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Component 4 will provide:

  • a revised assessment of GHG emissions and impacts of climate change on the sector, under specific policy scenarios, integrating results from CP2 and CP3,
  • guidance concerning the Common Agricultural Policy objectives targeting a sustainable development of agriculture and territories,
  • support to international policies such as the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Commission’s new energy and climate strategy,
  • support to the European Climate Change Program and to its policy on adaptation to climate change in Europe, and
  • guidance to development cooperation concerning developing countries that are most affected and that have the least capacity to deal with climate change.

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