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CP 6 Knowledge Interaction, Training and Dissemination.
Leader Cledwyn Thomas (EAAP)

Dissemination of outputs is a key part of ANIMALCHANGE to reinforce economic and environmental competitiveness of animal production systems under climate change and support of the implementation of the EU policy on reducing the environmental impact of livestock systems. ANIMALCHANGE will adopt a knowledge interaction approach to form a virtuous circle of problem definition by scientists and stakeholders, relevant research activity and dissemination. The creation of a stakeholder platform is crucial to ensure relevance of outputs and a pathway for dissemination.

CP 6 is organized into 6 Tasks

CP 6 will:

  • Deliver a Website and leaflet to explain the project and disseminate outputs.
  • Provide a dissemination strategy to ensure relevance.
  • Organise Annual International Symposia/ Workshops and a Final Conference to discuss future research needs and implementation plans.
  • Deliver Face to face training on techniques and the integration of mitigation and adaptation strategies.
  • Provide Web based eLearning material.
  • Provide methodologies for National inventories and Life Cycle Analysis of Livestock emissions in selected countries.

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