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WP2 Climate and socio-economic scenarios for livestock systems in project regions.
Leader: Petr Havlik (IIASA)

Background and aims

In order to assess mitigation potentials and adaptation needs in the livestock sector until 2030 and 2050, forward looking business as usual (without specific mitigation or adaptation measures) scenarios are the necessary benchmark. But their development represents a considerable challenge that has not been raised so far. The challenge consists in the combination of regional/global scale with detailed sub-national description of livestock production systems and their characteristics.
WP2 objective is to elaborate globally consistent scenarios connecting climate change, food demand and supply and livestock production systems.

Selected Output

  • Global and regional storylines for the future livestock sector development and trends in business as usual emissions
  • Downscaled climate model results for use in bio-physical pasture, crop and animal models
  • Database on relevant characteristics for regional specific livestock production systems and their classification

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