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WP4 Climate change impacts on livestock systems: reducing key uncertainties.
Leader: Gianni Bellocchi, INRA

In order to assess adaptation potentials and adaptation needs in the livestock sector until 2050 and beyond, simulations of climate change impacts are a necessary benchmark. However, developing these climate impact projections is still a considerable challenge. This work package will assess climate change impacts especially in some sub-regions of Africa (e.g. Sahel) and Latin America for which precipitation change projections tend to diverge among climate models, leading to high uncertainties for crop, pasture and animal impacts. Further, the consequences of changes in climate variability and extreme events have largely been underestimated.

Major Output

  • Impacts of changes in rainfall and of increased climatic variability and extreme events on grasslands, especially in Africa and in Latin America
  • Climate change impacts on animal health (direct effects of excess heat, infectious diseases and gastro-intestinal parasites).

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