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WP9 Farm scale modeling methodologies for mitigation and adaptation.
Leader: Nicholas Hutchings (AU-DJF)

Background and Aims

The biophysical processes leading to the production of agricultural commodities and greenhouse gas emissions have been extensively studied. The understanding of these processes obtained from these studies has enabled the development of a number of dynamic process-based farm-scale models. A range of mitigation measures have also been investigated and modelled, though to a lesser extent. The adaptive response of farmers to climate change has been comparatively neglected.
The aims of WP9 are to adapt and extend the functionality of a number of dynamic process-based farm-scale models to enable the simulation of 1) effects of climate change on the production and emission of greenhouse gases for the major European farm types and agro-environmental zones, 2) implementation of adaptation and mitigation measures elaborated in CP2.

Major Outcomes

  • A novel strategy for modelling processes and management at farm scale that can account for both adaptation and mitigation
  • Farm scale simulation models that allow both mitigation and adaptation to climate change to be studied.
  • Calibration of farm scale models for major livestock systems in Europe and partner countries
  • Analysis of the sensitivity of production and greenhouse gas emissions from livestock systems to climatic extremes

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