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Background and Aims

The demand for livestock products is growing and climate change threatens food security and rural livelihoods. Policies that are currently in place may prove insufficient. Livestock systems are a significant contributor to greenhouse gases (GHG) but there is much uncertainty. AnimalChange will for the first time provide a vision of the future of the livestock sector under climate change in Europe, Africa and Latin America

ANIMALCHANGE is organised into 6 inter-related components (CP).
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Major Outcomes
  • Reduced uncertainties concerning GHG emissions from livestock systems Include climate variability as part of impact assessment.
  • Cutting-edge technologies for mitigation and adaptation to climate change.
  • Economic and societal costs of business as usual and of adaptation and mitigation scenarios.
  • Vulnerability of livestock to climate change and feedbacks on GHG emissions.
  • Direct support to set up policies for mitigation and adaptation to climate change for the livestock sector.
  • Outreach to stakeholders through symposia, training events and a network to alert stakeholders of project outputs.

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